Arnold Palmer Invitational / Puerto Rico Open 2023
Photo by The Tampa Bay Estuary Program / Unsplash

Arnold Palmer Invitational / Puerto Rico Open 2023

Betting cards for Arnold Palmer Invitational and Puerto Rico Open 2023.

Last week was fantastic results wise and we'll continue developing the models and ways to share these, but for now we'll just keep updating our bets before the start and then sharing the live movements with the people who are interested. Just send me a message @GolfBettingM on Twitter and I'll add you to the list.

So only sharing betting card since it's near go-time and there was no time on schedule to write more about these this week. I'll try to open up time for write-ups behind these selections.

Betting card

Note that there are some selections to Puerto Rico Open in the low parts of the table. All in all the focus is on the strategic bet for API and then adding live to weekend based on the results of the first two days.

Good luck this week! Let's hope the hot streak continues.