Riding the Wind at the Made in HimmerLand Open 2023
Midjourney's take on stylish Danish gentleman in his thirties.

Riding the Wind at the Made in HimmerLand Open 2023

Unveiling the Made in Himmerland Open 2023, this article delves into the tournament’s history, significant features of the course, betting trends, and winning strategies. Get a thorough analysis of this year's highly anticipated DP World Tour event.
Chairman's note: This week we are back with full squad and Tools' page has been updated with this weeks' data. Our preview's are done with updated way and involve more text. If reading is not your thing - skip to the bottom for the picks.


In the picturesque landscape of Denmark, where undulating terrains melt into the horizon, an annual spectacle known as the Made in HimmerLand Open draws golf enthusiasts worldwide. This highly anticipated golf tournament paints the grassy canvas of Himmerland, leaving a colorful trail of sportsmanship, skill, and the unpredictable influence of Mother Nature.

This year, the 2023 Made in Himmerland Open, with its rich history and exclusive layout, promises more of the nail-biting moments and awe-inspiring performances that have become synonymous with this prestigious event. Let's dig deep into what the tournament holds this year and decode the secret sauce of a winning performance at Himmerland.

The HimmerLand Course: A Brief Snapshot

Gazing into the Past

HimmerLand, nestled near the quaint village of Gatten, about 16 miles southwest of Aalborg, is no stranger to golf tournaments. Hosting Challenge Tour events five times in the 1990s, and once more five years ago, HimmerLand is a seasoned battleground for professional golfers.

Prior to the tournament's inaugural edition, the course underwent a $2.5 million renovation by Philip Christian Spogard of Spogard and VanderVaart in 2012. The makeover included relaying all 18 greens and reshaping every single bunker.

Although the course is not the longest layout on the Tour, at just under 6,700 yards, it presents unique challenges to its competitors, primarily through its tricky terrain and weather conditions.

Weathering the Wind

One consistent and often unpredictable factor at this fairly exposed location is the wind. Its vast open space, coupled with the natural undulation of the greens, creates an intriguing challenge for competitors. Add to this the tight lies on its Creeping Bent and Festuca turf, and you've got yourself a recipe for an exhilarating contest.

Forecast for the week.
Chairman's note: At the time of writing - Thursday seems like a true challenge and adds to a variance of outcomes.

Sands and Water: The Added Twist

While there are few trees to fret over, golfers need to keep a sharp eye on the ample sand features spread across the course. Water also makes a splash in the game, coming into play on five holes, adding another layer of complexity to the challenges that lie ahead.

An Overview of the Made in HimmerLand Open

The Tournament History

Initially called the Made in Denmark, the tournament was played at Thomas Bjorn's home course of Silkeborg Ry Golfklub in 2018. However, since 2019, we've been returning to the Backtee New Course at the Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort.

Sadly, the 2021 edition was lost to the pandemic, but we're back in full swing this year. After last years' surprise winner Oliver Wilson, the 2023 Made in Himmerland Open continues its legacy at the Himmerland Golf and Spa Resort, bringing in the ninth edition of the tournament.

Champions of the Past

The first eight champions from the tournament provide an interesting array of exchange prices, indicating the unpredictable nature of the tournament. In 2022, Oliver Wilson clinched victory with a score of -21, while Bernd Wiesberger claimed the title twice, in 2019 and 2021, with scores of -14 and -21, respectively.

First Eight Winners with Exchange Prices:
2022 - Oliver Wilson -21 | 320.0
2021 - Bernd Wiesberger -21 | 27.0
2020 - Event Cancelled
2019 - Bernd Wiesberger -14 | 120.0
2018 - Matt Wallace -19 | 38.0 (playoff) (Silkeborg Ry Golfklub)
2017 - Julian Suri -19 | 80.0
2016 - Thomas Pieters -17 | 14.0
2015 - David Horsey -13 | 120.0
2014 - Marc Warren -9 | 28.0

Putting and Scrambling: Key to Success

An examination of the tournament's seven editions suggests putting and scrambling are crucial for success at HimmerLand. The top performers consistently excelled in putting average, strokes gained putting, and scrambling, underlining the importance of these aspects in conquering the HimmerLand turf.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the main challenge of the HimmerLand Course?
    The primary challenge is the wind at this exposed location, followed by the course's undulating fairways and greens, and the presence of water and sand in many areas.
  • What is the key to winning at HimmerLand?
    According to tournament history, excellent putting and scrambling skills appear to be the key to success at HimmerLand.
  • Is there a correlation between performances at the HimmerLand and other venues?
    Yes, a strong correlation has been observed between performances at HimmerLand and other tournaments such as the Austrian Open at the Diamond Country Club and the Qatar Masters at Doha Golf Club.


The Made in Himmerland Open 2023 is all set to test the skills of players on the windswept greens of Himmerland. The course's unique layout and the challenges it presents make for a thrilling watch and an even more thrilling play.

Overcoming the odds, understanding the terrain, mastering the wind, and making a lot of putts and up and downs – these elements will paint the picture of this year's champion. With a stroke of fortune and a display of skill, the title of the Made in Himmerland Open 2023 awaits its rightful claimant.

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Betting card and thoughts

Our committee has had hard time with DPWT last few months. We dug deep few weeks ago to analyze what's the reason and decided to put more emphasis on last 20 rounds since the fields change week to week quite a lot and there's lots of "visiting" starts from Japan, Korea and Australia, specially in Spring season.

At the same time we decided to cut our risk for DP for the time being. Worse results could easily be reasoned to be "down" swing as well since the volumes are not that high in these competitions.

For this week we go with limited selections and risk again but the analysis is done in specially tight margins.  

Here is the card and preview of data for the week is in the Tools section.

*Scott Jamieson - 100, 1 unit
*Marcel Schneider - 100, 1 unit
*Tapio Pulkkanen - 210, 0.5 units
Alexander Bjork - 22, 5 units
Adrian Otaegui - 30, 3.5 units
David Law - 70, 1.5 units
Kiradech Aphibarnrat - 100, 1 unit
Paul Waring - 90, 1.2 units
Edoardo Molinari - 110, 0.9 units
Adrien Saddier - 171.4, 0.6 units
James Morrison - 250.55, 0.5 units

Risking 17 units for potential payout of around 100 units.

Note that we play with 300 unit bankroll and risk around 33% of it every week. Our lowest bet will always be 0.5 unit bet.
*means a in-play / not filled bet.
Top 10s:
Jordan Smith - 3.75, 2 units
David Law - 7.6, 1 unit
Marcel Siem - 7.6, 1 unit
Edoardo Molinari - 9, 1 unit
John Parry - 29, 0.5 unit
Top 20s (live and floating):
*Alexander Bjork - 2.34, 2 units
*Jordan Smith - 2.54, 2 units
David Law - 3.95, 1 unit
Edoardo Molinari - 4.40, 1 unit
Borja Virto - 9.2, 1 unit
John Parry - 11.5, 0.5 unit
Gustav Frimodt - 22, 0.5 unit
H2Hs (updated later):
If there's H2Hs - I'll post those to Twitter later.

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In addition to cards plays - we are also looking for potential places to short Rasmus Hojgaard (top20) and Nathan Kimsey (top20 and cut).

Good luck for the week!