LIV Golf Adelaide
Arabic tour heads to Australia! Some AI-art generated for the occasion.

LIV Golf Adelaide

Preview of LIV Golf Adelaide 2023. Our AI accelerated preview, thoughts on the market, betting picks and model and updates on AI Challenge.

LIV goes down-under - preview with gullible assistant

We gave our lovely assistant a task to do research for this competition. We didn't mention that our lovely gents do not appreciate hitmen and greenwashing. Here's what she came up with. Enjoy the new wave of golf (at least it makes professionals richer and gives more eyeballs to golf)! Chairman added some comments just in case with initials).

LIV Golf, the innovative tour that features 12 teams of four players competing in a fast-paced and exciting format (CH: shotguns belong to local club tournaments), is heading to Australia for its first international event of the season (CH: where does this tour have their "home"?).

The LIV Golf Adelaide will take place from April 21 to 23 at The Grange Golf Club, a prestigious venue that has hosted several Australian Open championships and other professional tournaments (CH: it's a great course - way better than pay to play they played in Orlando).

The event will showcase some of the best golfers in the world, including Masters runners-up Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson, who will captain their respective teams of Smash and HyFlyers. Koepka, who won the LIV Golf Orlando event in March, will be joined by his brother Chase, Jason Kokrak and Matthew Wolff. Mickelson, who is still looking for his first LIV Golf title, will team up with Brendan Steele, Cameron Tringale and James Piot. (CH: they really did well and surprised many - our board included)

The home crowd will be cheering for Ripper GC, the Australian team led by Cameron Smith, who finished in the top 10 at the Masters. Smith will partner with Marc Leishman, Matt Jones and Jediah Morgan. Another team to watch is 4 Aces GC, the defending champions who are leading the standings with 64 points. The team consists of world No. 1 Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed, Peter Uihlein and Pat Perez. (CH: there's some hallucinations in this chapter, but we'll let it go - it's festive event)

The LIV Golf Adelaide will feature a unique format that combines stroke play and match play elements. Each team will play three rounds of 18 holes, with a different scoring system each day. (CH: not that different to be exact)

The first round will be a best ball format, where the lowest score of each team on each hole counts. The second round will be a scramble format, where each player hits a tee shot and then the team chooses the best one to play from. The third round will be a skins format, where each hole has a fixed value and the team with the lowest score wins it. If two or more teams tie for the lowest score on a hole, the value carries over to the next hole. (CH: We'll have to stop here - some corrections will follow)

Although it would be fun to see these formats - this is not the case. They are playing individual rounds and 3 count for first 2 rounds and all for the last one. This time the new innovation will be featuring captains in the same groups and other 3 team members of different teams playing together.

The event will also feature a festive atmosphere with live music, food and drinks, interactive fan zones and hospitality options. The event will be broadcast live on CW App and LIV Golf Plus from 10:15 p.m. to 3:15 a.m. ET on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. (CH: We appreciate giving the good quality feed for free for people all over the world)

Chairman vs. AI's (section started 13.4.2023)

So starting from last week, we thought it would be a fun way to track the advancements in AI (more specifically Bing, powered by GPT 4 and ChatGPT, powered by GPT 3.5).

It's a simple exercise of predicting top5 for every tournament and you get 1 point for correct players and 2 points for a winner.

Points after first week:

Chairman: 2 points
Bing AI: 1 point
ChatGPT: 0 points

Chairman's picks:
1. Patrick Reed 2. Dustin Johnson 3. Mito Pereira 4. Cameron Smith 5. Brooks Koepka

Bing's picks:
1. Cameron Smith 2. Brooks Koepka 3. Patrick Reed 4. Marc Leishman 5. Phil Mickelson

ChatGPT's picks:
1. Brooks Koepka 2. Dustin Johnson 3. Cameron Smith 4. Marc Leishman 5. Phil Mickelson

Betting card and thoughts about the market

What's good in LIV is that it offers more golf for betting purposes. In addition the data is available and there's not that much work to get in order.

Market's are not that liquid so these lines are mostly full risk positions. We got CH3 right and some other good weeks earlier when we started betting in LIV, but last time was a disappointing one.

Looking to change the momentum this week and our data sheet and selections can be found below.

Betting card for LIV Adelaide (updated)

Here's the link to the rank - picks were made the easy way so taking ones that had +EV in odds based on our prediction.

Enjoy the show and other competitions around the world and good luck!

Does Brooks have it this week?