Thailand Classic 2023
Photo by Kiril Dobrev / Unsplash

Thailand Classic 2023

Preview of the Thailand Classic 2023 edition. Read our analysis, strategy and betting picks for the week.

Short and sweet this time since the clock is ticking and players are waking up in Thailand.

Long and wide course with lots of hazards. Emphasis on driving straight and deep. Some risks of wind gusts in the first two days so some weather risks in play once again. Amata Spring has hosted great events in 2006-2015 and been low scoring when winds have been down.

Players that have won and placed have been ball striking well (especially of the tee). Models were hard to read but decided to take driving with more weight because of the length - hitting large greens from 20-40 meters closer is easier.

The betting card & reasoning

As stated above made a slight adjustments to models top players based on their driving and recent results and came back to taking only top20 bets that had +EV and good fit on model averages + driving.

Looked for fresh players as well as they seemed to be bit underpriced. The winners market was spread out so took a card with lots of variety in odds and aim is to sell profits during the tournament and take out the risk before R4. Last week this played out well so aiming to repeat and then let the rest ride since there's possibility to get big winner if stars align.

Shorts again on cut bets althought there were not that many of +EV selections available this week. It seems that these need to be locked on Monday so will have to be early in the future with these bets on Bet365 which offers the best selection.

Card below - remember to scroll the view to see all the selections. Bringing these late since the market was not settled before and there was huge amount of overround in top20's especially.

Good luck - enjoy the heat!