Barracuda Championship 2023
Midjourney's take on barracuda.

Barracuda Championship 2023

Barracuda Championship 2023 is played in the US. Here's our preview, stats analysis and betting picks.
Chairman's note:
Our American correspondent wrote a preview of the competition which catapulted Morikawa into the stardom in 2019 and has an intriguing format. Betting card is done by committee and includes a lot of in-play selections.

As the golfing world collectively has the focus on Liverpool and The Open, the Barracuda Championship 2023 promises to unravel compelling stories of new talent, Monday qualifiers and the ones lost their games. Set against the majestic backdrop of the Old Greenwood Golf Course, this event, deviating from the traditional stroke play with its unique Stableford format, ignites a certain thrill in both the weekend golfer and the pro. This year's Barracuda Championship, similar to its predecessors, may just set the stage for the golf world's next prodigy.

The Barracuda Championship: A Platform for Prospects

Looking back, one might consider the path paved by Vincent Norrman and Trevor Cone at the Barbasol Championship, an indication of the hidden talents lurking in the corners of these tournaments. These prodigies, with their vigor and precision, have begun to shape the narrative of the PGA tour. Could the Barracuda Championship 2023, teeming with fresh faces, become a gold mine of undiscovered talents once again?

One can only speculate. However, it's vital to acknowledge the stark contrast between Keene Trace's forgiving layout and the challenging terrain of the Tahoe Mountain Club's Old Greenwood Golf Course. The latter demands strategic gameplay, and experience undoubtedly comes in handy when navigating its intricate landscape. Last year's showdown between Chez Reavie and Alex Noren stands testament to this.

As always, outliers leave an indelible mark. Collin Morikawa's debut PGA Tour victory here serves as a reminder that young talents can have a massive impact. With birdies on five of the last six holes, Morikawa showcased not only his raw skills but also a level of precision and matured gameplay that was way beyond his years.

Stableford: A Unique Format

The Barracuda Championship is not just test the mettle of the players but also introduce the audience to the unique Stableford format. Known to be the domain of weekend golfers, this format seeks to reward good holes rather than penalize the bad ones. The eventual champion will undeniably boast one of the best stroke play scores, but the real difference lies in the tactical choices made on the course. This once again ties back to the importance of experience.

The Allure of the Unforeseen

As the anticipatory buzz around the Barracuda Championship 2023 continues to grow, the breathtaking terrain of the Old Greenwood Golf Course awaits its players, ready to test their mettle. While the seasoned pros navigate this familiar territory, emerging talents prepare to leave their indelible mark on the golf world. Regardless of who emerges victorious, this championship stands as a testament to the captivating drama and unexpected turns that the golf offers. The curtain is all set to rise on this illustrious event, where the stage is as much a protagonist as the players themselves.

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Betting card and thoughts

After last week's late card for Barbasol we could not look away this week. The exceptional position of having both players live for playoff was a first for all of us key members. It was also third winner in a month.

As mentioned above, this weeks field is once again a mixed back of mid-range players, rising talent and the ones who've lost their game.

It's easy to erase almost half of the field from the consideration and thus we focus mostly on the top40 this week. We are also having a quite low profit coefficient for the winners market, but that usually means that there are lots of spots to manage the risk during the week.

Because of rather late release, keep in mind that Betfair Exchange provides really competitive live odds and many of the picks will be "floating" by the start.

Here is the card and preview of data for the week is in the Tools section.

Vincent Norrman - 32
Akshay Bhatia - 55
Nick Hardy - 48
Greyson Sigg - 60
Harry Hall - 70
Adrien Saddier - 200

In-play / not-filled:
Mark Hubbard - 30
Taylor Pendrith - 34
Chez Reavie - 55
Akshay Bhatia - 55
Nathan Kimsey - 130
Alexander Levy - 350

Risking around 20 units for potential payout of around 100 units.

Note that we play with 300 unit bankroll and risk around 33% of it every week. Our lowest bet will always be 0.5 unit bet.
*means a in-play / not filled bet.
Top 10s:
Stephan Jaeger - 2.80
Beau Hossler - 3.55
Nicholas Lindheim - 4.40
Masahiro Kawamura - 16.5
Louis De Jager - 14.5

Mark Hubbard - 5.00
Vincent Norrman - 4.20
Chez Reavie - 7.00
Akshay Bhatia - 5.70
Nick Hardy - 5.40
Greyson Sigg - 6.40
Harry Hall - 7.80
Nathan Kimsey - 9.20
Sean Crocker - 11.00
Alexander Levy - 27.00

2 units for under 3/1, 1 unit for under 7/1 and 0.5 unit to all others.
Top 20s:
Vincent Norrman - 2.48
Beau Hossler - 2.22
Chez Reavie - 3.90
Nick Hardy - 2.80
MJ Daffue - 3.45
Luke List - 3.30
Niklas Norgaard - 3.90
Adrien Saddier - 6.20
Masahiro Kawamura - 7.40
Louis De Jager - 6.40

In-play/not filled:
Stephan Jaeger - 2.00
Mark Hubbard - 2.70
Taylor Pendrith - 2.50
Nicholas Lindheim - 2.64
Chez Reavie - 3.80
Akshay Bhatia - 2.94
MJ Daffue - 3.45
Harry Hall - 3.70
Grayson Murray - 3.80
Nathan Kimsey - 5.80
Sean Crocker - 5.80
Justin Lower - 5.80
Chesson Hadley - 6.00
Adam Long - 6.20
Alexander Levy - 10.00

2 units for under 3/1 and 1 unit to all others except 0.5 units to over 5/1. These have been performing quite well lately and we do not expect to have all of these filled.

Winner and top bets are placed in Betfair Exchange. Sign up here.

Good luck for the week!

Let's catch this Barracuda!