Italian Open 2023
Midjourney's take on professional golfers in Italy's most beautiful golf course.

Italian Open 2023

Preview of the Italian Open 2023 edition. Read our thoughts, market moves and betting picks for the week.

Short preview this time. Our assistants where not in a clubhouse so Chairman had to take the writing role.

As mentioned earlier previews are plenty and found with few searches easily. We recommend Betfair's and Vincerix's stuff (although they closed free previews this week).

Many players start their "regular" season again this week when tour travels back to Europe. The field feats the best talent in DP and about third of the field are taking most of the market.

Here are the players that have taken market (lowered their odds) the most (+10% change at minimum):

Simon Forsstrom
Adri Arnaus
Stefano Mazzoli
Dale Whitnell
Alfredo Garcia-Heredia
Callum Shinkwin
Martin Simonsen
Daniel Brown

And here are the ones that have lost the market (odds increased) the most:

Nicolai Von Dellingshausen
Joel Stalter
Lorenzo Gagli
Oliver Wilson
Gonzalo Fdez-castano
Matthew Jordan
Angel Hidalgo
Marcus Armitage

These are interesting to watch because most of the time the "takers" are the ones who end up playing well, but there's also tendency to root local players etc. In a low liquidity market such as this one, the moves to bigger odds are striking and most of the time you'll end up getting the most value betting few hours before closing.

Our betting card for the week

Hard tournament to find value because of long breaks, field with different playing schedules and total change in playing conditions and timezones etc.

We ended up taking some lines from winner market, but most of the value was in top10's and top20's.

Here is the card and preview of data for the week is here.

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Good luck for the week!