Major - US PGA Championships 2024
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Major - US PGA Championships 2024

This weeks previews and betting tips in a concise format for PGA Tour. Featuring the following tournaments: US PGA Championships 2024
Chairman's note:
After a break from publishing bets, we decided to share our full betting card this week. Lots of plays because of the major. Mainly done in Bet365, Pinnacle, 888Sport and Betfair.

Going forward we'll focus mainly on our picks and leave the reviews for the people who enjoy that. With all the data we've accumulated we will make some new tools to help our members bet better.

Here's the list of some sites / people who deliver enjoyable previews in our opinion:

Betting card for the week

For model's ranking and data - visit the renewed Tools page here.

Looking for +EV plays from this week's elite field again. We've been focusing on the major season and sharpening our strategy going forward.

This week's plan is pretty simple. Trying to take Rory's win at 9 and playing a lot of +EV plays during the week (see the full table from here):

We'll possibly share some 3-ball bets on X (follow @GolfBettingM for these).

Good luck and enjoy the week!