ISPS Handa Championship 2023
Photo by David Edelstein / Unsplash

ISPS Handa Championship 2023

Preview of the ISPS Handa Championship 2023 edition. Our predictions and betting picks for the week.

Short and sweet Japan

Since there has been a month pause in the DP circuit this competition comes with huge variance. It's also the first time DP plays in Japan so that also makes it more interesting.

Olympics seems to be only benchmark and that showed some of the variability that comes with new country and new courses.

This explains why there is some weight in local talent. Those players are good and they play at their home soil. At the same time most of the field has travelled half a world to play and might be rusty after the break.

Betting card for the week

Since the tournament start in about an hour there's reason for just posting picks. In addition this card is about 30% of a normal week's budget. Chairman also got limited in Bet365 and the lines had dropped to unplayable so only featuring winner market and top20 market.

There was quite a lot of lines that had 15+% difference in our prediction and market price and it really seems nobody has a clue how to price this week. Let's hope we got it right.

More thoughts about Zurich and LIV later.

Betting card for Japan