SDC Championships 2023
Photo by Tobias Reich / Unsplash

SDC Championships 2023

Preview of the SDC Championships 2023 edition. Read our analysis, strategy and betting picks for the week.

Late share because of some health issues and work related on new models.

New competition and new course for most. Model below with top20, picked the ones with combination of last 20 rounds positive trend and strong adjusted true strokes gained relative to field.

New way of sharing plays in development but slow because of building a whole new dataset for models and machine learning project.

Model top20 and plays:

This model has ranked winners for previous two tournaments and has had over half of top10 placed players as well. Correlations to finishing positions has been 0.42 and 0.46 which is really strong.

Plays in a new easier to read format (aiming for a particular payout in units):

Plays for this week.

Some other bets in Bet365 for first round category winners, mainly McKibbin, Catlin and Hisatsune.

Good luck for the week - will try to share PGA plays tomorrow!