Barbasol Championship 2023
American gentleman in Kentucky - by Midjourney.

Barbasol Championship 2023

Barbasol Championship 2023 played in Kentucky. Here's our preview, stats analysis and betting picks.
The alternative field consisting of PGA & DPWT members play easier golf this week and the field contains about 1/3 of players who've totally lost their game. We focus on the top tier mostly and give a brief overview of the course provided by our American assistant.

A Competitive Insight into the Champion Trace Course at Keene Trace Golf Club

Situated in the picturesque landscape of Nicholasville, Kentucky, the Champion Trace course at Keene Trace Golf Club is a fine example of Arthur Hills' architectural mastery. Since its inception in 1988, the course has been lauded for its strategic layout and high-quality bentgrass greens and fairways, offering an engaging challenge for competitive golfers.

Carved from the verdant Bluegrass region, Champion Trace embraces its natural environment and makes optimal use of the terrain's contours. The course showcases Hills' penchant for integrating water features seamlessly into the design. These elements not only augment the course's visual appeal but also add a strategic dimension, challenging players to negotiate these hazards effectively.

The weather in Kentucky can significantly impact play at Champion Trace. Summers can be hot and humid, potentially affecting the course's firmness and the ball's flight. Cooler months might see slower greens and reduced roll in the fairways. Wind can also be a critical factor, with gusty conditions demanding superior control and shot selection. This week's weather seems hot and soft.

Champion Trace caters to a strategic style of play. It's not just a test of distance but also a measure of a player's ability to think their way around the golf course. The design invites a careful balance between risk and reward. Well-placed drives are essential, with water hazards and strategically positioned bunkers ready to punish errant shots.

The course presents its dangers, with water coming into play on several holes. The bunkers are true hazards, demanding skillful play to recover. The course's fairways and greens are lined with mature trees, and straying from the fairway can lead to difficult recovery shots.

The bentgrass greens at Champion Trace are meticulously maintained, offering a consistent roll. However, their undulating design can deceive the eye, making accuracy on approach shots vital and demanding precise reads and touch on putts.

In conclusion, Champion Trace is a stern yet fair test of golf. It invites and rewards strategic thinking, shot-making skills, and adaptability. Its variety of challenges, coupled with the beautiful Kentucky landscape, makes it a rewarding competitive experience for any golfer.

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Betting card and thoughts

As mentioned above, this weeks field is a mixed back of mid-range players, rising talent and the ones who've lost their game.

It's easy to erase almost half of the field from the consideration and thus we focus mostly on the top20 this week.

Because of late release, keep in mind that Betfair Exchange provides really competitive live odds and many of the picks will be "floating" by the start.

Here is the card and preview of data for the week is in the Tools section.

*Vincent Norrman - 26
*Lucas Glover - 32
*Peter Kuest - 30
Kevin Streelman - 36
Josh Teater - 85
Robert Streb - 140
Nathan Kimsey - 161.31

Risking around 15 units for potential payout of around 100 units.

Note that we play with 300 unit bankroll and risk around 33% of it every week. Our lowest bet will always be 0.5 unit bet.
*means a in-play / not filled bet.
Top 10s:
Lucas Glover - 4.5
Kevin Streelman - 4.6
Justin Lower - 6.4
Julien Guerrier - 9
Satoshi Kodaira - 12.5
Tano Goya - 10
Robert Streb - 11
Nathan Kimsey - 12.02
Jason Dufner - 18

Vincent Norrman - 4.3
Peter Kuest - 4.5
Akshay Bhatia - 4.7
Chad Ramey - 5.7
Justin Lower - 6.4
Grayson Murray - 6.4
Josh Teater - 8.2
Julien Guerrier - 9
Satoshi Kodaira - 12

1 unit for under 7/1 and 0.5 unit to all others.
Top 20s:
Akshay Bhatia - 2.86
Chad Ramey - 3.2
Justin Lower - 3.4
Grayson Murray - 3.45
Niklas Norgaard - 3.7
Ryo Hisatsune - 4.3
Tano Goya - 4.6
Nathan Kimsey - 6
Adrien Saddier - 7
Jason Dufner - 7.81
Darius Van Driel - 8.4

In-play/not filled:
Vincent Norrman - 2.66
Lucas Glover - 2.86
Akshay Bhatia - 2.82
Kevin Streelman - 3
Chad Ramey - 3.2
Andrew Novak - 3.45
Tyler Duncan - 4.3
Zecheng Dou - 4.2
James Hahn - 4.5
Josh Teater - 4.4
Julien Guerrier - 4.7
John Axelsen - 8.8
Satoshi Kodaira - 5.5
Robert Streb - 5.7

2 units for under 3/1 and 1 unit to all others except 0.5 units to over 5/1. These have been performing quite well lately.

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Good luck for the week!

*Not sponsored - the gif that Kentucky gave.