Shorts (Picks from Twitter)

Shorts (Picks from Twitter)

Post that updates every now and then (especially on weekends) and shows betting selections in smaller tournaments.

This post will serve as a place to share quicker picks that are shared also on Twitter.  Here's only picks for now but these are always based on +EV plays from our models.

Zurich pair party - from Betfair Exchange (signup here)
LIV Orlando - from Betfair Exchange (signup here)

Short reminder after tomorrow's PGA Tour play (these will be later put to the clubhouse's wall as the Rules of Betting Masters):

Never trust the weather forecast. The pioneer of the competitive golf data ( has not counted it in their models and reason is simple. You can not control weather.

Never trust the bookmaker. They might offer your warm welcome bonuses and offer variety of interesting lines. Most of these are offered just to take your money. BUT, if you end up cracking some of the exotic lines for too long - they will limit you to death.