AT&T Byron Nelson 2023 / Soudal Open 2023
Midjourney's take on professional American golfers in the Texas desert.

AT&T Byron Nelson 2023 / Soudal Open 2023

Article of AT&T Byron Nelson and Soudal Open. Some news and advancements, thoughts on the market, betting picks and model and updates on AI Challenge.

Going for the week with new way of organizing bets and putting them in the market. Writers will have well deserved break and probably come back at some point with new ideas.

All the man power in the club house was used for getting the lines in and generating new way of betting some "clear" selections with in-play line that will fill or not.

The budget for this experiment was filled with Wyndham Clark win last week which made the week really solid although DP once again went south on the weekend. It also generated new rule that reads: "If you have over 50% profit after 2 rounds - sell it and then invest it back as you like" This applies in situations where you have really questionable weekend players / long shots on your profit plays.

The new model is based still on +EV plays in Winner, Top10 and Top20 market, but it has some modifications based on the trend index, last 5 tournaments and ongoing stat for last 20 rounds. We will write more about it later.

Chairman vs. AI's (section started 13.4.2023)

So starting few weeks back, we thought it would be a fun way to track the advancements in AI (more specifically Bing, powered by GPT 4 and ChatGPT/Personal.AI, powered by GPT 3.5 / copied golf data).

It's a simple exercise of predicting top5 for every tournament and you get 1 point for correct players and 2 points for a winner.

Points after first three weeks:

Chairman: 7 points (Xander from last week)
Bing AI: 5 point
ChatGPT: 2 points

Chairman's picks:
1. Scottie Scheffler 2. Tyrrell Hatton 3. Jason Day 4. Tom Kim 5. Hideki Matsuyama

Bing's picks:
1. Scottie Scheffler 2. Hideki Matsuyama  3. Ryan Palmer 4. K.H. Lee 5. Vincent Norrman

ChatGPT's picks (excluding players playing in LIV or injured):
1. Hideki Matsuyama 2. Tyrrell Hatton 3. Scottie Scheffler 4. Christiaan Bezuidenhout 5. Maverick McNealy

Betting card and thoughts about the market

Included both competitions to the same post because of time constraints and their different approach. In Soudal the field is wide open and we picked a lot of longshots to every category and then in AT&T Scheffler dominates the market so we went with limited selections (only 2 players in the Winner market for the start).

Here are the cards and previews of data for the week are here (PGA + DP)

All bets in Betfair Exchange. Sign up here.
All bets in Betfair Exchange. Sign up here.

Good luck for the week!