Review of past years and live tracking of the results
Photo from Midjourney - one of the first ones made and prompt lost by now. Sure it had something regarding Augusta and gentlemen in it.

Review of past years and live tracking of the results

Access the results sheets and get familiar with the past betting picks. Most results of past few years are from time when we tested different hypothesis and models.

Golf betting has been a profitable hobby for past several years of some members of collective and thus results has been tracked mainly with bank account statement. If there's been more incoming money from bookers and exchange, then it has succeeded.

Since measuring is important part of success in any form of business and even more so in "gambling", some more serious measurement processes were developed few years ago and the first table below shows the results in units. Units been normalized so that 1 unit equals 10€. Bankroll management has not existed since betting has been thought more as a pursuit of leisure that sometimes gives more than excitement.

Collecting all the results from the past would be impossible because before 2020 we used dozens of different bookmakers to harvest signup bonuses. In addition early days included fairytale like winners such as Shane Lowry's British Open win and Gary Woodland's US Open win. Here's the results sheet of the all different selections before implementing newest model (we tested almost everything while developing the models):
*table needs a bit of time to load since there's quite many rows

Below you can access the most recent table that tracks all the bets. Scroll to the right to see more details and current ROI etc.

Although wisemen has said that best way to predict future is to study the past, we believe that past results should not be limiting. We aim to generate 20+% ROI from all the positions we take on the market and this "magic" number serves as our north star while we develop our model and systems even further.

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